January 11th, 2013

poseable spike

Found: Lost Doll!Fic

I've had a little time to putter around the old journal (slow work week FTW!), and lookie what I found from way back in July of 2011: my last flailing attempt at birthday-inspired doll!fic, which I failed to post publicly.</flailfail> It's unlocked now, and here it be if anyone could use a feeble doll-based chuckle. (Seriously, don't get excited--this craft is weak!)

Hope 2013 is treatin' y'all right. I'm doing reasonably well and hope that you are, too. I still cherish hopes of doing more than sporadic LJ lurking, but Life, she is an tricksy minx when it comes to giving much of anything that could be considered "me" time. I can hope, though . . .
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