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Hey! It's Petzi's birthday!

Today is the birthday of petzipellepingo, Our Lady of the Library and fangirl extraordinaire. The steady stream of information and encouragement that she provides on a daily basis is an invaluable resource to her flist, and I'm grateful to be a recipient of both. (Honestly--lately, it seems that everything I know, I learned from her!) Mindful that Thanksgiving is fast approaching, I would like to make a seasonally appropriate birthday offering.

Petzi always manages to find the most amazing cakes for her birthday posts, so no way was I gonna try anything cake-related. *bows to her cake supremacy* However, it occurred to me that she might be in the mood for something a little different. . .

Ah, nothing to start off the ol' birthday like pie, terrible puns on one's username, and a proposition from a plastic vampire. *worried* Right?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PETZIPELLEPINGO!! Thank you for your friendship and for helping me to be a better-informed citizen of the world. *big birthday hug* I hope you have a wonderful day and that the upcoming year is full of good things and lots of time to watch the cats watch the squirrels. :D
Tags: birthday, btvs: spike, doll!fic
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