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Yo! It's the birthday of Calypso!

*frantically checks watch* Whew. Okay. Good! Today is the birthday of c_woodhaven. *sheepish* Or it still is in the Central Time Zone, anyway. In addition to being a writer whose fic updates make me do the happy dance on a regular basis, Calypso is also one of the sweetest, most creative people I've encountered. For my birthday, I was delighted to find that she had not only written Ultimate Sin, a lovely piece of Spuffy smut, but that she had included a recipe for the title concoction as well. While I was away at my family's Thanksgiving celebration yesterday, I instructed doll!Spike to re-read said fic and come up with some ideas for a birthday photo shoot that would be a fitting tribute to the wonderful Ms. Woodhaven.


*snort* It gave him ideas all right, but most of them involved how to make Nutella mousse and get one or all of the Buffy dolls to help him and his fellow Spikes re-enact the events of the story. Frankly, I'm not sure that he chose the best of all possible helpers; School Hard!Spike has a serious drinking problem, and everyone knows that AtS S5 Spike belongs to Angel.

Such busy little vampires! If I'd known that they were this resourceful in the kitchen, I would have had them make the pumpkin pie this year, too.

Like many of Spike's well-laid plans, this one didn't end in his getting well-laid, either; once the Buffys beheld the big bowl o' chocolatey goodness, they promptly locked the Spikes in the spice cupboard, summoned the other doll chicks, and had a hen party.

After a dispirited round of dishwashing, School Hard!Spike and Ats S5 Spike called it a night . . .

. . . while doll!Spike decided that maybe, just maybe, the evening didn't have to be a total loss after all.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR CALYPSO!!! *hugs galore* I hope that you've had a fantastic day with your family and that the coming year brings you many good things and frequent visits from your shiny muse. <333
Tags: birthday, btvs:spike, doll!fic
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