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The Very Mischief

Is it wicked not to care?

mere ubu
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Most of my time is consumed with doing things I'd rather not be doing and laughing merrily, tra-la, as I navigate the wreckage. I am consoled by the domestic comforts of a very funny man, an excellent 18 y/o daughter, and three kitty ladies. And, oh yeah, BtVS, a wonderful group of online friends, wordplay, and DTtD (Doing Things to Dolls.) This Fisher-Price My First Fandom experience has been so much fun that I'm a little surprised it's not illegal.

If you wanna' friend me, you just go right ahead! (Don't worry--I only spill coffee on my own shoes.) I tend to lock personal posts,* but Spaiku (teenytiny fanfic), Spike action figure naughtiness (doll!fic), and anything fandom-related will always be open to everyone. Please enjoy! Comments are love.

*If you would like to be friended back, please leave me a (screened) comment here. I friend easily but don't imagine that everyone who wants to see Spaiku and doll!fic posts necessarily longs to read the day-to-day flailings of a harried, middle-aged woman. If you do, well, I'm happy to wave you aboard.

Credits: awesome BtVS Season 6/7 mood theme by earth_vexer. Journal layout is "Your Biggest Flan" by the_fulcrum. Spuffy sidebar animation by easy_to_corrupt.

rogue poet cheerleader May 08

Fabulous cover of "M: The Mere Magazine" by philips.

Birthday art by the ridiculously talented riccadonna.